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"The Gift of the Lambs II." International Felt-art Workshop and Symposium 2011.


For felt-makers, and prospective students of felt-making of the world

International Felt-art Workshop in Hungary, Orfű–Tekeres, between 10-17 July, 2011.

For years I was pampering the idea of a feltmaking camp where those foreigners and Hungarians who felt or wish to submerge themselves into felting can do so with the guidance of valued, interesting teachers and feltartist. Where they can meet other feltmakers, other cultures, new ways of thinking, different artistic perceptions and techniques.

"The Gift of the Lambs" II. International Felt-art Symposium and Workshop will be held at a new place: Orfű-Tekeres, not Magyarlukafa where hopefully we can remain for the years to come and the name of the village and the International Felt-art Symposium will become one and known as such for its quality in felting circles around the world.

Venue of Symposium:

Let me share with you more details about the 2011 camp. Tekeres Lovaspanzió – Riderpension and Orfű Youth Hostel are in Tekeres, a little village in the Orfű lake region, between Lake Pécsi and Lake Hermann Ottó. Due to the picturesque natural surroundings there is ample opportunity for swimming, angling, paddling, bathing in a little aquapark, horse riding, bicycling, and visiting the Abaliget Stalactite Cave. Even a bicycle route between Orfű and Pécs will be ready for the summer (15km), so you can visit the city going through the woodland and hills. Here, you will find links to check the surroundings and the lodging:



www.orfu.hu/index.php/component/content/article/85 (pictures about the aquapark)

www.orfuivizimalom.hu/index.php?l=2 (homepage of the mill, in english)

Preliminary program of The Felting Symposium:

Based on last year’s experience I have changed a little the structure of the camp. 4 tutors work with 4 groups of the participants, who practise different techniques in each workshop in a revolving stage fashion. (1 group is max.10 people). Tutors can work with interpreters. Teaching languages are Hungarian and English. The workshops can host a maximum of 40 people from around the world. Each tutor prepares with a one-and-a-half day program, so you will have time to finish the project, do quality work, rest, socialize with the others and participate in cultural programs. You still can receive 10 hours tuition from each person. So the camp will last for 8 days, arrival and departure included.

During the evenings there will be lectures by invited feltmakers and presentations by the teachers, the attendees may also present their own works or thoughts. The famous MarkusZinhaz is invited to give a puppet theatre performance with their feltcreatures and a dancehouse is planned: http://markuszinhaz.hu/ .

To make our artcamp more inviting for families there will be a teacher who on demand may hold felting sessions or other craft lessons, excursions in the neighbourhood or in Pécs for the children, every day if needed. Families can rent separate apartments.

Other optional programs for a fee are: horse riding, pet-zoo, bread making, visiting the Mill Museum, wine, honey, jam and cheese tasting, and getting to know other products from ecofarmers in the neighbourhood (toilet soaps made with goatmilk is an example). We may even organize a wine tasting tour to Villány by bus if you wish!

We plan to have an exhibition in Orfű during the camp from Tutors‘ and attendees’ works, and another one in the noted Parti Gallery in Pécs after the camp.

There is a possibility to stay on for a few days more than you won’t be in a hurry at the finissage.

Weekly program:

10 July, Sunday – arrival

11-16 July, Monday to Saturday – felting days with lectures and cultural programs in the evenings

17 July, Sunday – Exhibition in Pécs from the works of the tutors and attendees, farewell and departure

Daily schedule:

7-9 a.m. breakfast

9-12 a.m. felt workshop

12.15-2 p.m. lunch, siesta

2-6 p.m. felt workshop

6.15-8 pm. dinner, relaxation

from 8 p.m. lectures, discussion, cultural programs

Program of the invited tutors and lecturers:


- Márti Csille, feltartist (Pécs-Hungary) or Corinna Nitschmann, feltartist (Ócsa-Hungary): Small bag with pocket and strap, embellished with emroidery

- Heidi Greb, feltartist (Germany): The use of raw wool - getting a new coat

- Kinga Huszti, feltartist (Budapest-Hungary): Custom made hat or how to choose style, colour and how to achieve a perfect fit

- István Vidák, feltartist, ethnographer (Kecskemét-Hungary): „The night rider“- indigo dyed felt with clenched batik motives


- Mari Nagy, feltartist, ethnographer, (Kecskemét-Hungary) : Women’s life and textiles in Turkmenistan

- István Vidák: Felt surfaces and patterns, traditional and new possibilities

- Mihály Vetró, feltartist, ethnographer (Nádudvar-Hungary): Felts with a story or On the trail of the stag – Study tour in Kyrgyzstan or Ketshe and kepeneg – Introduction of felt workshops in Anatolia and the Nádudvar Craft School

Participation fee (tuition):

440 Euro if transferred until 15 April

470 Euro if transferred until 15 May

The fee does not include materials needed. You can bring your own or buy quality wool from Lanatex again, who will be present with a booth on the premises. On previous calculation this will amount to 60 Euro for all four workshops.

Lodging options:

Rooms and apartments with 1, 2, 4 and 6 beds will be available for booking through e-mail or telephone. Prices are between 2500-5000 HUF+ 310HUF (Touristic Tax) / 9-18 Euro+ 1.1 Euro/person/night.

Tekeresi Lovas Panzió: http://www.tekeresilovaspanzio.hu/main.php?f=2 , e-mail: info@tekeresilovaspanzio.hu , tel:+36 30 349 60 79 (Ágnes Gonda: Hungarian, English and German languages)

Orfűi Ifjúsági Szállás: http://orfuiifjusagiszallas.hupont.hu/3/arlista, e-mail: bedojozsefne54@freemail.hu , tel: +36 72 498 040, +36 30 527 3569 (Bedő Józsefné, Terike: Hungarian language)

Prices given are valid if booked until the 15th of April, and with a deposit of 50%. After receiving your application, we will send you the bank account number.


At the Lovas Panzió 3 times daily (breakfast, hot lunch, dinner) 3.000 HUF / 11 Euro/person/day, 21.000 HUF / 75 Euro for 7 days. Vegetarian menu is available.

If you would like to take part in the event and finalize your application, you may do so by trasfering the tuition fee. After receiving your application, we will send you the bank account number.

You will be given further information also after application. You may follow the news on my website www.csillemarti.blogspot.com and also on the website of the newly established Szösz’ART association www.szoszart.blogspot.com .

Applications should be sent to the following address: csillemarti@gmail.com

On behalf of the organising team:

Márti Csille

felt artist, art director of the camp



e-mail: csillemarti@gmail.com

Tel: +36 72 215 873

Mobil: + 36 20 420 5800

Skype: csille.marti

Katalin Süle executive director of the camp

e-mail: sulekata6@gmail.com

Mobil: + 36 20 38 44 644

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